Why Us?

Three Good Reasons to Improve Your Smile

In a twenty-year-long psychology study, patients who had undergone orthodontic treatment reported a higher quality of life than those who needed treatment but did not do it. (Psychology Bulletin 2000)

Parents consistently underestimate the impact of teeth and smiles on their children’s emotional and social quality of life. (Seminars in Orthodontics 2007)

Patients who expected to be embarrassed by wearing braces actually found their social well being improved during the first six months of treatment. (British Journal of Health Psychology 2007)

Why Choose Short Orthodontics?

Our patients are seen on time, and treatment is completed on schedule. We utilize the latest technology allowing fewer visits, less missed work and school, shorter total treatment time and less discomfort.

Dr. Short provides his cell phone number to patients in case of orthodontic emergencies.

Our patients genuinely become part of our family through positive reinforcements, a fun environment and sincere caring.

We are responsible corporate citizens, supporting our community through numerous team sponsorships, charitable fund-raising events, and scholastic event sponsorship.